The Bridging the Gap Scholarship

The Bridging the Gap Scholarship is designed to maximize the potential of each scholarship recipient, enabling them with the ability to change the trajectory of their and their family’s circumstances. By providing scholarship and mentorship during the most crucial parts of the law school application process, we aspire to push candidates to the Top-20 of Law Schools in the hope of improving their chances to work in BigLaw.

Our Mission

Bridging The Gap Scholarship (“BTG”) is modeled on the principle of increasing minority representation in the AmLaw 100, the world’s largest law firms (commonly referred to as “Big Law”). BTG aspires to pioneer action towards increasing diversity and inclusivity in AmLaw 100 ranked firms in the USA modeled by the data published in the 2021 American Bar Association Statistical Report and the 2021 National Association for Law Placement which shows that minority associates represent less than 7% of AmLaw firms.

Apply Now

Applications open January 1, 2024.