Our Mission

Minorities represent less than 7% of the legal field overall. (American Bar Association, Statistical report). In arguably the most lucrative area of the legal field, corporate ‘Big Law,’ minorities represent less than 5%. (Above the Law). The Bridging the Gap Scholarship is sponsored by four minority law students seeking to ‘bridge the gap’ between minorities and corporate ‘big law.’ In a field where most scholarships reward those interested in seeking public-interest law careers, this scholarship presents a unique approach for social change by seeking to encourage upward social mobility for minorities and access to resources to pay it forward. We hope to demystify the rhetoric that those that seek employment in corporate ‘Big Law’ positions are doing so exclusively for economic self-interest and don’t have the time or the means to be contributing members to their communities. Further, this scholarship emphasizes that minority representation in areas such as corporate law is just as necessary for change as those in the public sector. By addressing the financial barrier between minority future law students and the lucrative opportunities that await them, the Bridging the Gap scholarship hopes to pass the baton to the minority moguls of tomorrow.

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